• Temporary Graduate Visa - 485

    Visas requirements can be very complicated. There is a constantly evolving web of rules and regulations that needs to be successfully navigated and a 485 VISA ( temporary graduate visa) is no different.

    The 485 visa is a temporary visa specially designed for international students who have studied in Australia. In a way it is a bit like a reward for doing the right course.

    Not just anyone can apply for the 485 visa. For example, proving appropriate skills in the English language will be a pre-requisite for all main applicants. And in addition, you will have to name an occupation matching your skills, and in turn, that occupation must itself be on the right list.

    The idea behind the 485 visa is to allow students to stay on in Australia for a limited period, so that they can then build their skills further, or even find a subclass 457 sponsor. Or, with luck, they might become eligible to proceed with an onshore application for permanent residence, if they can get enough points.

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    Please note that some Visas, like the 676 visa and the 456 visa, have been replaced with others. Contact us on (02) 9299 5815 for further information.

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